The New year Begins..

When many others were drinking the night away and crossing over the midnight hour into a new year and likely already breaking their new year’s resolutions, I was tucked up asleep. I am not one for binge drinking and ok I can enjoy a pint every so often; but you won’t find me in my village local, surrounded by farmers and alike but more likely settled in my home, reading updates on weather forecasts, preparing kit, repair kit and such like. I’m not saying I don’t enjoy the social life but I enjoy the outdoors more.


I won’t bore you with my past and the why’s and how’s I become so interested in discovery (not of the world) but myself; and I’m sure there is plenty out there who know my story, who could deliver it better than I; so I’ll sweep swiftly onwards.

It’s funny, I headed this new blog and my return to my once successful blog with ‘The New year Begins’ and as I sit here writing, the date is the 1st of February; one month already in and I’m only sitting down now; this is somewhat a habit of mine.
With the start of a new year, it only seems fitting I sum up my life in a wise and full statement of my ethos, now I’m no Archimedes, so don’t shoot the messenger.

‘Every mountain I climb; was built by me. I don’t do because I have to or told too, I do because I want too. Winding my way along my path’ – It seems to fit my life to-date.

Again I find myself filling lines of blog with pointless maybe? or random statements rather than crack away the whip and get on with my point.

So 31 days makes up the month of January and out of that I have had two successful training and wild camp trips; one to Brecon Beacons and the other to Snowdonia and a last minute cancel to Dartmoor *Sad face

Spurred on by my want to get out of the stuffy routine and head to the hills, I found myself in the Brecon Beacons on the Thursday the 7th of January through to the Sunday. The weather threw it all that weekend; from high winds, non-stop heavy rain, which then turned to snow as the cold snap hit hard. My idea was simple; try out some new kit, get some serious hill work in with a loaded bergen (around 55lbs) and blow off any 2015 cobwebs stacked up over Christmas.

I wasn’t finished there, I planned a following weekend to Dartmoor but had to cancel at the last minute (bergen was packed and ready) due to a family situation. So with that burning at me through the week I planned another but this time Snowdonia and again the weather gods were ready for me; from the moment I touched welsh soil on the 28th, I was battered until I left 3 days later; but I had a massive smile on my face.

Now I love to go into detail now about those first two trips, but I fear I would drag this opening blog piece into the gutter based on how much detail I want to throw in, so I’ll write a separate piece for both; so I hope you stick around for that.

OK !! I can do the maths too, a few days here and there doesn’t add up to 31 days and you are right but I do have to work as well; I don’t have the luxury of a lottery win yet.

But saying that…

Plenty more has happened; training is back on target and I have applied for the next series of SAS – Who Dare’s Wins (I actually delayed casting to go to Snowdonia) and Ultimate Hell Week, so this year could get interesting.

I also plan to write some overdue but interesting reviews on equipment etc from some great supporters such as Karrimor SF, Mountain Fuel, Bloc Eyewear, Raptor Weight Vest, Sealskinz and more plus hand out some helpful outdoor living tips (passed onto me) as well as learnt the hard way and; it doesn’t end there, with some exciting projects in the pipeline with the Legend Phil Campion – it will just get bigger and better.

So much to write, I’m actually excited…

For now I just wanted to get my foot back in the door with my first blog and get Essex Boy Does Good, back up on the webbie as I promised I would, when I snuck away back mid / late 2015 for some time-out and refocus.

I’m excited to be back and hope you will continue to return and read my latest updates as they file up, there is so much more in the pipeline and stories I want to share since I have been away; but let’s not get wrapped up now, there is time ahead..

As always, feel free to share, comment, abuse *Smiles etc

Always a little step further..